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Lyse Marie Doucet, ; born 24 December 1958 is a Canadian journalist who is the BBC's chief international correspondent and an occasional contributing editor. She presents on BBC World Service radio and BBC World News television. An award-winning journalist, who also came to be a fixture on the BBC as its Chief International Correspondent, Lyse Doucet, her reports have featured on both radio and television. She is possible single at the present and not married yet. Find more about Lyse Doucet Married, Husband or Partner, Family, Net Worth. An award-winning journalist, who also came to be a fixture on the BBC as its Chief International Correspondent, Lyse Doucet, her reports have featured on both. 21/09/2014 · The BBC's Lyse Doucet: 'We are trying to tell a very old Middle East story in a new way.' Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian Lyse Doucet is an award-winning BBC foreign correspondent who has been working in the field for more than 30 years and covering the Middle East for the past two decades.

13/02/2011 · It took Lyse Doucet exactly 13 and a half seconds from the moment the shot cut to her to the moment she finally started talking, and provides for a few laughs while doing so. In her defence, however, I believe this was not entirely her fault. 24/08/2009 · Falls on the floor aghast with the mere suggestion!!!!! Juliet Dunlop is indeed Scottish and - I have to say - has no stronger or complicated an accent than Lyse Doucet or Komla Dumor or Linette Tye or Alastair Yates or Zeinab Badawi or anyone else on BBC News, for that matter.

Read about Lyse Doucet wiki, husband, married, accent, BBC, etc. Lyse Doucet is a journalist and works for the BBC and is also their Chief International Correspondent. Her date of. Lyse Doucet is an award winning Chief International Correspondent and Senior Presenter for BBC World News television and BBC World Service Radio. She is regularly deployed to anchor special news coverage from the field and interview world leaders. Lyse Doucet: she's an excellent reporter, but what is that weird accent she has? 42 Posts Add message Report. accent. But Lyse has travelled abroad for decades hence her retaining her Acadian accent. Here is a piece I thought I would share about world correspondents.

Lyse Doucet Explained.

21/01/2012 · Driving from my home in New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island in eastern Canada with my parents and siblings. We went to see the home of Anne of Green Gables, the fictional heroine in the novels by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It's a large white wooden farmhouse set in. Lyse Doucet name Lyse Marie Doucet is a favorite journalist from Canada. She actually is popular in the globe to be the reporter of BBC Globe News. She usually remains tight lipped with regards to discuss her personal existence in public. She also offers one sister who’s. Lyse Doucet: No, Evan, the BBC gave me the title 'foreign correspondent' simply because my accent is an amalgam of every other accent in the world. Posted by Craig at. 21/03/2014 · Lyse has been reporting for the BBC for nearly 30 years, with posts in Abidjan, Kabul, Islamabad, Tehran, Amman and Jerusalem. In 1999 she joined the BBC's team of presenters but most of her time is spent going back to regions where she lived, and also discovering new ones too. Lyse_Doucet 13 points 14 points 15 points 5 years ago Iranians who voted in President Rouhani by a strong majority are still waiting to see more change.for example, two leaders of the "green revolution" of 2009 Karoubi & Mousavi are still under house arrest.

  1. Lyse Doucet Bio, Family, Mariage, Age, Accent, BBC and Net Worth Lyse Doucet Biography Lyse Doucet Full name- Lyse Marie Doucet OBE, CM, /liːs duːˈsɛt/ is a Canadian journalist who was born on 24 December 1958, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada.
  2. Lyse Doucet's Net worth. She holds a net worth of about $4 million as of 2019. Lyse Doucet's Wiki-Bio. Lyse Marie Doucet was born on 24 December 1958 in Bathurst, New Brunswick. She belongs to Acadian, Irish, and Micmac ancestry. She is the BBC's chief international correspondent and an occasional contributing editor.
  3. lyse Doucet biography, accent, voice, husband, bbc Lyse Doucet is a Canadian journalist who works as a chief International correspondent for the BBC news world service.
  4. Lyse Doucet on accents in Broadcasting The BBC’s multi-award winning Chief International Correspondent has the most interesting broadcaster’s accent. On the Radio 4 programme One to One she talked about her voice to Jan Ravens, the woman from Dead Ringers who often impersonates Lyse and many other famous women.

08/01/2002 · Strange name. Unusual look. Funny accent. But there's something about Lyse Doucet that the BBC - and the viewers - like. Matt Wells on the quiet winner of the television war. Doucet is a French language surname, especially popular in Canada, the former area of Acadia in particular now Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and parts of Quebec and New England. As a result of the Great Expulsion in 1755 and later from Acadia, Doucets are also amongst the Cajuns and Creoles of Louisiana.

10/01/2005 · In an archived thread someone said that Lyse Doucet was Canadian. Does anyone have some corroboration of that? I once discussed the lady on a CompuServe forum and got a similar answer, based on accent. I originally thought, with the name Lyse, that she may have been Irish, not that Lyse is a known Irish name, I just thought that it might be. Then she sometimes, saying certain words, sounds possibly French, so in my mind I shifted her to maybe French-Canadian.

The BBC's distinguished Foreign Correspondent Lyse Doucet appears on Rafio 4's Today programme regularly. She has an accent that I've never quite been able to place Doucet is a native of Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada, where she grew up in an anglophone family. Her sister is Andrea Doucet, a Canadian professor of sociology. She has Acadian, Irish and a bit of Micmac ancestry. She graduated with a bachelor of arts degree from Queen's University at Kingston in 1980, where she wrote for the university newspaper. Lyse Doucet remembers the last time she wept. “We went to the Palestinian refugee camp at Yarmouk on the out-skirts of Damascus. Even after several years covering the civil war, we’d never been in a place of such intensity, with so much desperation, so much devastation.

BBC World News Lyse Doucet Fail - YouTube.

27/02/2014 · Soon after I met Lyse Doucet at the BBC’s new Broadcasting House in London, I realised I was the one answering questions — telling her about myself and where I come from — and not the other way round. On hearing the word “Pakistan” a spark seemed to enter the conversation. This is familiar. With this much twitter yawp, it will be difficult for employers not to yield, sooner rather than later. Lyse, when you are broadcasting, silence reigns in our house. My 94 y.old father cannot get enough of your accent. Hi, I'm the BBC's Chief international correspondent, Lyse Doucet, and I've just returned from Tehran. Ask Me Anything. Chancellor, it is my privilege to present Lyse Doucet for the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa. Most if not all of us gathered or watching today are part of that daily 270 million who receive news from the BBC World Service and BBC World, employer of highly acclaimed chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet.

Lyse Doucet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lyse Doucet. OBE. Doucet speaking at the Halifax International Security Forum in 2014. Born 24 December 1958 age 60 Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada. Education.

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