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Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter, the boy who lived, but what they don't know is that Hermione Granger is the only reason he continued to live past his 11th year. This is the untold, detailed, and completely true story of what exactly happened during Harry's first year at Hogwarts and how he would be dead without Hermione's quick-thinking, extensive knowledge, and unwavering loyalty. Harry Potter crossover fanfiction archive. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Harry Potter universe. Fanfiction su Harry Potter, Tom Riddle/Voldermort. AU: Fiaba La guerra tra l'Uomo e il Lupo era iniziata molto prima che Harry diventasse un Cacciatore di Lupi. Con i suoi due fucili massacra i mostri che gli hanno portato via tutto. Nessun lupo è stato in grado di sconfiggerlo, ma Harry potrebbe semplicemente incontrare il suo corrispondente.

Niky94. Ciao a tutti!: Mi chiamo Nicoletta, ho 23 anni, e adoro scrivere: Sulla mia pagina troverete fanfiction di tanti argomenti, ma soprattutto ci saranno Harry Potter, Lucky Luke i Dalton, Grimm, Sherlock e Lucifer: Buona lettura! Il materiale presente su EFP non può essere riprodotto altrove senza il consenso del proprietario del materiale, nemmeno parzialmente con la sola esclusione di brevi citazioni, sempre in presenza dei dovuti credits e nei limiti e termini concessi dalla legge. Tutti i soggetti descritti nelle storie sono maggiorenni e/o comunque fittizi. At one point in life prior to 1993, Ron's uncle Bilius was rumoured to have seen a Grim and died a day later. In 1993, after accidentally inflating his aunt, Marjorie Dursley, Harry Potter ran away from number 4 Privet Drive, and by the time he reached Magnolia Crescent he witnessed "the hulking outline of something very big, with wide.

31/10/2019 · Vieeel Spaß! 😍 Packt alle eure Fragen unters Video, mehr infos auf Insta: Mooentertainment_hoerspiel Wenn ihr uns auf Patreon unters. Monroe ci pensa e a volte si chiede se non sia una questione chimica, come se il suo corpo fosse progettato per repellere quello di un Grimm. Come se, vedendolo, il suo sé interiore giocasse ad accelerargli il battito e la peristalsi intestinale come fossero avvertimenti. Stai attento, è un Grimm

It's a Grimm Tale The Original Tale They always said that Harry would do great things. What they never told him was that he would lose most of his family in the process. At first it was easy Cedric was a fellow champion nothing more than an acquaintance and so Harry. 3/21 c1 Duaimei So. Harry became a super Saiyan version of himself? I'm kidding. The introduction chapter is always the most awkward to write. Harry became a Grimm, but could easily have been a zahberbeist sp?.

EFP Fanfiction.

04/10/2019 · Willkommen auf meinem Kanal News auf Discord: für mehr Infos Aufklappen Geschrieben von IShouldBeWritingSomethingElse Übersetz. Harry Potter fanfiction, Sign up Log in. Harry Potter and The Grimm Wizard Chapter 1: A Mysterious Letter. FangirlObsessed. Tags Fanfiction Harry Potter Dark Lord. It has been roughly 11 years since Harry Potters last encounter with Lord Voldemort and life has treated him splendidly ever since.

FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for Harry Potter the Grimm Protector. 10/5 c2 13 gundamexia34 Alright, rereading this after a long time, and I find it rather wanting. While the concept is interesting, the execution could definitely use more than a little. Though The Looking Glass Book 1: Thicker Then Blood Grimm/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Harry thought becoming a Wizard was a life changing event but as his third years begins, he finds his life once again is thrown into chaos as another secret of his family's past comes to life but this time this one comes with someone to talk too. Ha. fanfiction homework spn supernatural grimm grimm tv show lucifer lucifer on fox the flash westallen savifrost deckerstar captain swan cs ouat once upon a time samifer sabriel nadalind sastiel otp otp fanfictionao3 ships no homework i need sleep snowbarry. Instead they get an abused Harry Potter who isn't a Potter at all, a mother who wants her son back, and a Slytherin Triwizard competitor who owes a debt to Harry Potter. Not to mention a twinkly eyed headmaster whose careful plans are being torn to shreds by very protective Slytherins. 10/11/2018 · Yeeeeeeeh endlich der letzte Teil der wunderschönen Snarry-FF! Obwohl es auch echt schade ist, dass sie nicht länger ist. Ich hoffe es hat euch gefallen und ihr hattet auch so viel Spaß beim Zuhören, wie ich beim Lesen.

Rebeca Grimm is the smart sister of Ben Grimm, as well as friend of Reed Richards. And now Rebeca, who is working on her college thesis, tags along with Reed and Ben on the flight of a life time. But there’s one simple rule, don’t talk to Johnny Storm. I only own Beca, everything else belongs to th. A fairy was a small, humanoid magical beast with large insect-like wings, which were either transparent or multi-coloured. They possessed diminutive intelligence, and lived mainly in woodlands or glades. The fairy was a vain creature, and would often allow itself to be used as decoration by. 26/10/2017 · 5 Tips for FanFiction-Authors 🖊 Liza Grimm. Loading. Unsubscribe from Liza Grimm?. Harry Potter FanFiktion - Duration: 15:10. dagilp_lbh 68,156 views. Liza Grimm 16,482 views. 5:11. MEIN PEINLICHSTES VIDEO Melina Sophie - Duration. 7/6 c36 Reader! I HADN'T NOTICED THAT YOU UPDATED! Lovely to see continuation to this awesome fic, even tho I've mostly fallen out of both Harry Potter and Grimm fandoms this fic just always gives me such a nice feeling when reading it. 13/03/2016 · Hörbuch - Potter - FanFiction /// Eigentlich HarryPotterFanfiction MarieSnape. Loading. Harry Potter Dramione Fanfiction Deutsch - Duration: 19:08. Roonil Wazlib Hörbücher 21,912 views. Fantasy Music by Ean Grimm & the Fiechters 370,290 views.

Such as Harry Potter being an adopted son of Salem, infected by the same goo. Or Harry being a cat animagus and taking the place of either Jaune, Ruby or Blake. They're basically the same story, just with a fanfic version of Harry Potter so completely different to normal HP taking someones place. It might as well have been an OP OC fix-it fic. After the Dark Lord was defeated in Godric's Hollow, Harry Potter and his twin sister Amy were separated. While Harry went to live with his Muggle aunt, uncle, and cousin, Amy was entrusted to the care of Kreacher the house elf. Living in solitude at Grimmauld Place, Amy was known by only a sele.

  1. Fanfiction su Altro personaggio, Maghi fanfiction interattive, Nuovo personaggio, Un po' tutti. [Interattiva - conclusa] La Seconda Guerra Magica è finita da anni e la pace prospera sia nel mondo magico che in quello babbano. Ma una nuova minaccia si prospetta all'orizzonte: creature oscure si stanno muovendo nell'ombra, creature che il mondo.
  2. Fanfiction su Famiglia Black, Maghi fanfiction interattive, Nuovo personaggio. PSEUDO-INTERATTIVA [completa] Alcuni di voi hanno già letto le avventure di Eleonore Grimm e dei suoi amici ad Hogwarts, ma cosa è successo prima? Come si sono conosciuti ed innamorati Brian Grimm e Talisia Black? Come hanno agito durante e dopo la Seconda Guerra.
  3. Sito di scrittura e lettura dedicato a fanfiction e storie originali. Racconti su Harry Potter, Naruto, One Direction, Personaggi Famosi, Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, One Piece, Saint Seiya, Merlin e molti altri. Scrittura amatoriale, scrittura creativa.

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